Destiny of the Scots-Irish: A Family Saga 

 Amid the unfolding events in American history, perhaps no race can offer the same nostalgic appeal as the Scots-Irish. These God-fearing, family-oriented, hard- working, nomadic people, who originated in the lowlands of Scotland and moved to the north of Ireland, arrived on the American shores in great numbers prior to the American Revolutionary War.

Detested in Pennsylvania by the Quakers, they fanned out and quickly sifted like wind-strewn thistle westward and southward into the American back country.

Destiny of the Scots-Irish: A Family Saga chronicles the migratory path taken by one family that settled in the extremely significant, Scots-Irish Long Canes settlement in South Carolina.

A single member of each generation is brought into play to carry the family saga forward, beginning with Nancy Patton who rode a horse hundreds of miles from Virginia determinedly to establish her roots in the South Carolina Long Canes.

The tremendously interesting cast of characters weaves a heart-moving story through planting of their family roots, the ravages of war, the lush antebellum era, a world turned upside down by the Civil War, founding of the little town of Willington, SC, plagues and depression, and out migration – families in joy, peace, and strife.

Bob Edmonds is a writer well versed in the historical setting of the eighteenth century immigrants. Bob’s accomplishments as an authour are widely acclaimed and this latest work on a Scots-Irish family of that period will considerably add to his reputation in the local history literary field.
— BILLY KENNEDY, Northern Ireland, authour of 8 volumes of Scots-Irish Chronicles
... an insight into the home of the Scots-Irish family in America and the bonds of family life – adapting to life in America while maintaining the old ways of Scotland and Ireland even unto the present time. Well worth the time to read!
Bob Edmonds has utilized his extensive knowledge in weaving the stories of a Scots- Irish family who settled in the Long Canes area before the Revolutionary war and whose descendants were instrumental in the establishment of the town of Willington, which emerged as an agricultural-mercantile center in the 1890s and declined with the collapse of South Carolina’s cotton economy in the 1930s.
— DR. ALLEN STOKES, Director, South Carolinian Library, The University of South Carolina
Bob Edmonds has a special knack for listening and an aptitude for writing and photography. McCormick County Land of Cotton explores the cotton kingdom and its environs.
— CHARLEE MARSHALL, The Index-Journal

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Hardcover, 160 pages, 6"x9", 80 photographs and illustrations, bibliography, notes, index, ISBN 978-0-9749976-2-5