Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux 

Bob Edmonds announces the release of Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux, a French edition of his book, The Huguenots of New Bordeaux, published in 2005. The new edition was translated into French by Catherine Melchio, a French native who worked in New York City and New Jersey eight years during the 1980s. The French edition is a partnering venture between Edmonds and the American-French Association of Descendants of the Huguenots, La Rochelle, France. Members of the association visited the New Bordeaux area.

The narrative relates the story of the New Bordeaux settlement, led by Rev. Jean Louis Gibert that was founded on Little River in present-day McCormick County in 1764.

The French Huguenots left their Mother Country to achieve religious freedom. Their history remains a constant marvel, illustrating the power of faith and conviction. No people through the ages have endured greater persecution, and there has been none whose spirit has been more radiant.

Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux brings life and relevancy to the struggles of the Huguenots as they migrated to America to found the New Bordeaux colony. We feel the chill of religious persecution and the unprecedented brutality suffered by these Huguenots before leaving France, and the tribulation of obstacles that confronted them upon arrival as refugees in a raw, pioneer environment in the back country of South Carolina.

Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux is marketed primarily in France but can also be obtained at www.bobfedmondsbooks.com.

Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux

Bob Edmonds apporte la vie et l'intérêt pour les luttes des huguenots français qui ont émigré en Amérique pour y fonder la nouvelle colonie de Bordeaux en 1764. Nous sentons le froid de la percution religieux et la brutalité sans précédent subies par ces huguenots avant de quitter la France et les tribulations d'obstacles qui les a confrontés à l'arrivée en tant que réfugiés dans une première, l'environnement des pionniers dans le comté dos de Caroline du Sud. Une croix de granit marque l'emplacement du nouveau lieu de culte huguenot Bordeaux. 

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Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux - $15

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