The Huguenots of New Bordeaux 

The French Huguenots left their Mother Country to achieve religious freedom. The New Bordeaux settlement, led by the Rev. Jean Louis Gibert, was founded on Little River in present-day McCormick County in 1764.

South Carolina stands out as having received the largest number of Huguenot refugees in the American colonies.

Descendants of the French Huguenots hold a certain pride utterly Calvinistic since in the eyes of Huguenot chroniclers, then and now, the migration was a selective one.

Huguenots received strength from a moving faith in God, and, amid the dark clouds of the turbulent era of the Reformation, they held tight to certain principles or ideals of the religious spirit.

The history of the Huguenots remains a constant marvel, illustrating the power of faith and conviction. No people through the ages have endured greater persecution, and there has been none whose spirit has been more radiant. The traditions of the Huguenots are realities demonstrated by the persecutions, perils and sufferings which they endured.

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