The Making of McCormick County 

In his first book, The Making of McCormick County, Bob Edmonds chronicles the fascinating history of people living on a small slice of land in the Deep South called McCormick County, South Carolina. Using a wealth of archival sources, the author traces the evolution. He details in very human terms a historic period – times that were marked by economic, civil, social, and political blithe, progress, and upheaval.

The book begins with a chapter on the Native Americans who freely roamed the countryside, then continues the history of the area for more than two centuries – a depiction of hunters, traders, and drovers who traversed the area; the early settling in the area by hardy Scots-Irish pioneers; the Long Cane Indian Massacre and the Cherokee War; the colony of French Huguenots at New Bordeaux seeking religious freedom including ship lists and bounty lists; the Londonborough settlement of German Palatines on Hard Labor Creek with ship lists and the story of the migration of some of the German Loyalists from Londonborough to Nova Scotia; African American beginnings and influence; the American Revolution on the local scene; Dr. Moses Waddel and his famous "American Eaton" Willington Academy.

Also, the execution by fire of Jerry, a slave – the last of such executions in South Carolina; a biography of George McDuffie, the orator of Nullification; Billy Dorn’s Gold – nineteenth century South Carolina’s second largest yielding gold mine; the life of Unionist James Louis Petigru; the Confederate Revolution; and Reconstruction.

And, the story of the hanging of Samuel Banks later found to be innocent; the brutal murder of John and Catherine Harmon at Winter Seat, and the subsequent lynching of six former African-American slaves; a history of the newspapers of the county; the story of the Town of McCormick; a chapter on towns and places in the county; sketches of three prominent educators – Dr. Robert Lee Meriwether, Bertha S. Harris, and Dr. William S. Mims; and the story of colorful, master fiddler John Turnage and folk music. 

WOW! I enjoyed reading The Making of McCormick County. The depth and detail amazed me!
— CAROL SIMPSON, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bob Edmonds put a tremendous amount of time in research and it shows. Not only did he tell the history of the area in such an informative manner, but he made it all the more entertaining with anecdotes and legends, written with feeling for the people involved.
— LEWIS C. RICH, San Jacinto, California
A must read for historian, raconteur, resident and visitor, this well-researched book resonates with a reverential sense of place. Master storyteller as well as careful researcher.
— TOM WOODHAM, Senior Editor, Veranda magazine

The Making of McCormick County - $28

Softcover, 447 pages, 6"x9", over 100 photographs and illustrations, bibliography, notes, index, ISBN 978-0-9749976-0-9